We use unconventional questions and futures thinking to make unexpected connections, and to accelerate ideas that improve relationships between people and nature. In a practical sense, we cultivate a series of projects – our programme – which fall under an umbrella project. We apply our value chain to each: a process of ideation, incubation and acceleration.



The value chain

We create the means for people to come together and act in new ways through increased agency, capacity, commitment, trust and understanding. Our value chain consists of three interlinked processes to rethink solutions (ideation), to source and incubate new ideas (incubation) and to grow these ideas (acceleration). The entire chain allows us to reframe the nature conservation issue at hand, to dive deep and to facilitate shifts in underlying assumptions and mindsets.
Creating the enabling conditions for new and effective approaches to nature conservation to emerge through innovation challenges, high-quality convenings, and challenging and refining ideas. This can include bringing together innovators, experts, investors and other stakeholders to help innovators formulate impactful ideas.
Supporting innovators and empowering them to see their ideas grow through business planning, road-testing events to verify ideas with experts and relevant stakeholders, and creating test projects as minimum viable products (MVPs) ready for acceleration.
Enabling innovators to bring their products and projects to scale and to market by helping them design fine-tuned funding proposals, finesse funding pitches, develop showcase events, and connect with investors. Success for us is when our innovators’ initiatives are funded and launched.
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Unearthodox aims to understand the root causes of long-standing conservation problems and identify and nurture solutions that change the way societies see themselves and their connection with nature.

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Food for thought

What can a future world look like? What is the status quo? And what must change to reach a better future? Here, we offer a platform for inspired thinking about how to overcome crucial and interrelated obstacles to biodiversity conservation. This is a space where our innovators explore underlying narratives and offer their insights on solutions and paths forward.

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Key themes

As part of the Future of Conservation NGOs umbrella project, we identified four broad themes that impact conservation effectiveness. These form our foundational themes – areas where we believe change is most needed. All of our current projects are exploring these themes.
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