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Shareholder Activism for Sustainability

Aspiration: Renewed vigour in the movement to engage shareholders to vote for sustainability at corporate shareholder meetings, and the emergence of a champion – an individual or an organisation – to continue to drive activist shareholder policy and practice toward sustaining biodiversity.

How can we take shareholder activism to a new level as a force for global sustainability?

Millions of people are shareholders, and therefore owners, of corporations around the world. Shareholder activism, where shareholders influence a company’s behaviour by exercising their rights as owners, holds great potential for conservation. However, much activism has focussed on issues of governance and short-term economic gains, with significant implications for environmental sustainability.

This Luc Hoffmann Institute, in collaboration with SustainAbility and the University of Zurich, aims to innovate thinking and practice on the issue of activist shareholding and the environment. It seeks to support new networks for collaboration and research, increase information sharing on existing and emerging ideas and promote best practices on shareholder activism for sustainability for a global impact.

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Key Themes:
  • Power and Legacy
  • Interdependence and Inclusivity
  • Operational and Funding Models

Latest highlights

25 May 2018
A convening on “Activist shareholder impacts on corporate sustainability” is held in Gland, to improve overall understanding of the issue, identify pathways for influence, and find a shared agenda for action, with participants from multiple horizons (MAVA foundation, IUCN, WWF, The University of Zurich, etc.).
May 2018
A report by SustainAbility in collaboration with the Luc Hoffmann Institute is published, building on the earlier Shareholder activism: standing up for sustainability analysis.
The Luc Hoffmann Institute publishes an analysis that examines the current landscape and highlights opportunities, risks and challenges of shareholder activism for sustainability.
Shareholder activism: Standing up for sustainability?
April 2018
Adrian Dellecker, Head of Strategy and Development (ad-interim) at the Luc Hoffmann Institute, writes a thought piece.

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