Our theory of change

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11 November 2022

Co-creation with diverse people and organisations from around the world is fundamental to our theory of change. We do not operate in a bubble; rather, together with many diverse groups, we facilitate connections and create spaces for different innovators and actors around the world to surface and grow their ideas.

Reimagining nature-society challenges

  • Creating space for diverse innovators to question the underlying assumptions about current problems facing nature and society.
  • Not shying away from challenging predominant norms, values and narratives.
  • Bringing together diverse actors to rethink existing systems.
  • Together, unearthing inequities and barriers to changing the status quo.
  • Asking unexpected questions and supporting cutting-edge thinking.
  • Collectively pushing boundaries to change predominant narratives.

Goal: Societies see themselves and their connections with nature differently, and diverse actors take these visions forward.

Fostering unexpected connections

  • Recognising that the world is a living, interconnected, ever-evolving place.
  • Connecting people from many different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Bringing together innovators and investors.
  • Unearthing new perspectives together with diverse innovators.
  • Fostering further new relationships and ideas, which can shift power dynamics.

Goal: New collaborations and co-creative partnerships emerge; conversations expand around regenerative ideas, models and approaches for nature.

Making space for societal solutions

  • Co-creating safe, equitable spaces where different thinkers can reimagine the future together.
  • Collaborating with innovators and investors to incubate unconventional ideas that emerge.
  • Scaling deep on ideas and their potential future outcomes and repercussions.
  • Ensuring that diversity, inclusion and collaboration underpin all of our work.
  • Recognising that self-reflection is crucial to the process.

Goal: Once new solutions have emerged, resources are secured to implement and scale them.

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