Sci-Fi, AI and the Futures for Nature Project
In this insight piece, Unearthodox innovator Gal Zanir talks about the project ‘Sci-Fi, AI and Futures for Nature’ which combines futures thinking methods, analysis of science fiction literature and AI to inspire innovations in nature conservation.
13 May 2024
Beyond Borders - Fostering Global Collaborations for a Sustainable Future
Global Conservation Connect, a virtual community of practice will launch on April 22, World Earth Day, with Unearthodox's support. In this interview, Lashanti Jupp tells us more.
16 April 2024
Launching Regenerative Futures
Unearthodox is exploring the transformative potential of regeneration — a concept that challenges all of us to reimagine our relationship with the natural world and with each other. 
15 March 2024
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