Finding new business models for non-profits: event video

22 January 2019

The Luc Hoffmann Institute has released a short video of its recent convening on Innovative Business Models for Non-Profits, with an overview of the day’s proceeding and thoughts from participants.

Many people now see non-profit organisations as being able to achieve things that governments and businesses cannot. But there is growing pressure from donors and the public for non-profits to become more professional and do better at demonstrating impact. Faced with a highly competitive funding landscape, many non-profits are keen to diversify their business models – but often lack the expertise to do so.

This short video shows how the Luc Hoffmann Institute is building a new community around finding new revenue streams to better support social enterprise and the nature conservation community in creating a sustainable future. The institute brought together an eclectic and powerful group of people to look at how society is changing, how the business models of non-profits fit in, and what organisations need to do to accommodate change.

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