Submit your idea or solution for the Capsule worldwide hackathon for the planet!

15 May 2020

At the Luc Hoffmann Institute, we believe that innovation can stem from all geographies and all parts of society. No idea or innovator is too small, and no discipline is too remote to influence the well-being of life on Earth. That is why, in its quest for innovation and transformative change to maintain biodiversity, the Luc Hoffmann Institute is proudly partnering with Capsule for “Capsule Hack”, a two-day virtual hackathon event centered around solutions to climate and biodiversity issues.

In light of the current crisis, it is crucial, now more than ever, for us to identify and mobilise the most promising innovators and ideas for nature and people. If you have an idea, an existing project, or a possible solution worth exploring, then we invite you to join us! Are you an artist, historian, construction worker, poet, business person, farmer, doctor or just someone who is passionate about sustainability, including social justice and nature? Then this hackathon may be for you. We’ll be hacking ideas and finding solutions that fall under one of the following categories: art, cities, education, energy, food, and health.

What's in it for you?

  • A chance to be paired with a mentor for your idea or solution, to grow your network, and be part of the special magic of hacking a better future together!
  • The hackathon will include art and musical performances, keynote speakers, dynamic panels, and even influencer-led yoga classes.
  • Following the hackathon, if your idea or project is selected by the Luc Hoffmann Institute, you could win the chance for your idea or project to be incubated and accelerated with us over the next year. 

How to take part:

Want to get in touch?

Email the project team at
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