New documentary on the legacy of Luc Hoffmann

24 July 2020

This September 2020, a new documentary, Wetlands: The Legacy of Luc Hoffmann, created by Orca Productions and supported by the MAVA Foundation, will be released in cinemas throughout Switzerland.

Directed and produced by Stephen Rytz, the film offers viewers an opportunity to discover the fascinating story of Luc Hoffmann’s life and legacy. Heir to the Roche pharmaceutical laboratories in Switzerland and a passionate ornithologist and scientist, he was the first in his field to demonstrate the importance of wetlands to the planet – and human survival – back in the 1950s.

Luc dedicated his life to the conservation of five unique wetland areas, in particular:

  • The Camargue in France
  • The Doñana in Spain
  • The Prespa lakes which span areas across Greece, Albania and the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Banc D’Arguin in Mauritania
  • Bijagos in Guinea-Bissau

His lifelong perseverance and commitment ensured that these precious wetlands, high conservation value sites home to a wealth of biodiversity, remain protected today. Among many achievements, his legacy includes the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands – an international treaty established in 1973 for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands – for which he was a key driving force.

The film is scheduled for September 2020 release in selected cinemas throughout Switzerland. It originally debuted at a number of international film festivals at the end of 2019, with further planned releases delayed due to COVID-19.

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