Annual Report

10 Years of Unearthing Innovation

14 November 2022

The Luc Hoffmann Institute is glad to present its 2021-2022 annual report, which celebrates 10 years of working with innovators, investors, the wider conservation community and other sectors to address some of the greatest challenges facing nature and people.

“A diverse, equitable and flourishing world is never going to be a static target – it will always require careful nurturing. We must take our inspiration from nature, which always evolves and never remains stagnant, and push ourselves even further.”

Melanie Ryan, Director, Luc Hoffmann Institute

Since its founding in 2012, the Luc Hoffmann Institute has helped to mobilise world-class thinking in science, policy and practice by elevating diverse perspectives and rethinking the systems underpinning biodiversity conservation. In this edition of our annual report, we reflect on the institute’s journey and achievements over the last decade and gratefully acknowledge the thought and action leaders who have supported us financially, intellectually, in kind and with access to their networks.

The last year has certainly been an eventful one. The institute held seven participatory events that hosted 354 attendees from 54 countries across 132 organisations, and interviewed 96 people from around the world.

Milestones include the launch of two new businesses initiated through the Beyond Tourism Innovation Challenge – The Shaba Market and Home of the Gorillas; the Exploring Responses to Corruption in Natural Resource Management and Conservation Practice virtual symposium; and the research report Using gamification for nature conservation, which examined how storytelling and gamification can derive value from, and for, wildlife.

The last year has also been a time for reflection and for looking towards the future. Our current programme is guided by the overarching exploration of the Future of Conservation NGOs, our umbrella initiative, which collectively reimagines integrated, innovative and impactful future pathways for conservation NGOs in a rapidly changing world. Springing from this overarching project are two related, deep-dive projects: The Future of Philanthropy for Biodiversity, and Digital Disruption and the Future of Conservation.

As we move forward in an uncertain world, we will continue to strive for a future where diverse, equitable societies value and regenerate all life on Earth. We will continue seeking ideas that push the nature conservation sector to be impactful, equitable and meaningful. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. 

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