Challenging the Conservation Status Quo

During the opening session of the Unearthodox Future of Conservation Learning Festival, we had the opportunity to hear from the winners of our Future of Conservation NGOs Innovation Challenge. They shared their journeys and insights, highlighting how their ideas are making a significant impact on conservation organisations. Together, we explored their innovative concepts and witnessed how they're challenging the traditional approaches and driving transformation.

The session was facilitated by Bruno Lacey, Programme Manager for Impact Hub, a partner organisation of the innovation challenge.

Featured Innovators

Mara Angelidou | Kyklos

A circularity project that is urging the conservation sector to adopt more holistic methodologies and practices.

Samirah Siddiqui & Tasnim Elboute | Project In/Visibility

A narrative-shifting initiative that challenges dominant themes within the sector.

Anna Haw | Herding 4 Health

A partnership programme empowering local actors and organisations.

Lauren Evans | Human Nature

A growing organisation that seeks to help conservationists understand and embrace the diversity and complexity of humanity.

Watch the webinar recording here

Virtual Visual Notes

Get a feel for the event through this visual recording, illustrated live during the session.

To find out more about the The Future of Conservation NGOs project, visit our Resource Library, which offers offers wisdom and insights from experts in the sector, an in-depth report, and more about our Four Key Themes for Change and Innovation Challenge.

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