Diversity, equity & inclusion 

Through co-creation, diversity, equity and inclusion are baked into everything we do at
Unearthodox. Co-creation is a process in which we bring together people with diverse and
unorthodox experiences, knowledge systems and world views to surface knowledge and take action

We recognise that innovation is not a level playing field and we strive to integrate changes that
challenge our own field to do better and be more equitable. We know that change is hard, but we
are focused on creating the trust needed to make it happen.
Bringing together different voices – particularly stakeholder communities – allows us to reframe
dominant ways of thinking. The process only works with inquisitiveness, trust and mutual respect as
a foundation. It is a slow and iterative process with plenty of time to listen and think.

Well-designed co-creation opens dialogues, strengthens transparency and builds networks,
providing foundations for convivial conservation: a radical new alternative to traditional
conservation inspired by decolonisation, youth and Indigenous movements. It foregrounds social
justice, highlighting how global political and economic systems drive biodiversity destruction.
The result of co-creation is a sense of shared ownership and buy-in and a network of collaborators
who are more likely to act on their findings.

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