Digital Disruption and the Future of Conservation
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How can conservation NGOs improve practices and stay relevant in an increasingly disruptive digital landscape?

The Digital Disruption and the Future of Conservation project explored the uptake of disruptive digital technologies by the conservation sector to empower innovators to create more equitable and effective conservation approaches.

This resource library offers wisdom and insights from experts in the sector, together with pathways and tools for change.

The need for change
A starting point for change must be to understand why there is a need for change. This section compiles the wisdom and insights shared by thought leaders and experts on the available and emerging technologies and their evolving roles in shaping the landscape of conservation work.

Pathways for change

This section bridges the gap between knowledge and action, ensuring that the incredible potential of technology is a tangible reality for forward-thinking conservation organisations. It contains concrete steps, strategies and success stories that pave the way for a more technologically empowered and environmentally sustainable future.

Toolkit: Digital Disruption for Conservation
This toolkit is designed to provide conservation practitioners with a basic introduction to Web 3.0 and AI concepts and their potential use for nature conservation.
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