The Future of Philanthropy for Biodiversity
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What paradigm shifts are occurring that will shape ways of giving in the future?

The Future of Philanthropy for Biodiversity project explored how innovative approaches and ways of thinking in both philanthropy and conservation can lead to positive system changes for both people and nature.

Collective Reflections
This section compiles the wisdom and insights shared by thought leaders and experts on philanthropy, biodiversity and the future of the planet.

The Future of Philanthropy and Biodiversity: perspectives and pathways
This collaborative enquiry gathers diverse perspectives on key questions that get to the heart of how philanthropy impacts biodiversity and how new paradigms and alternative approaches could generate the best outcomes for nature, including people.
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How philanthropists can be better allies to Indigenous Peoples
In this interview, Kenyan activist Milka Chepkorir speaks about how philanthropists can be better allies to indigenous peoples.
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