Leveraging new digital technologies for conservation impact

During this webinar, we showcased innovative projects that harnessed the power of Web 3.0 and AI tools for conservation. Our speakers shared their journey of leveraging digital disruption for positive impact, shedding light on why they chose Web 3.0 and AI tools as the ultimate solution to their conservation challenges.

This session was a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of conservation practices, and to how the mindful integration of digital technologies is transforming the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Featured Innovators

Jorn Dallinga | Programme Manager, WWF Netherlands

Jorn leads the Forest Foresight initiative, and presented how they are utilising AI and vast spatial datasets to predict and prevent areas most vulnerable to illegal deforestation.

Fiona Korwin-Pawlowski | Chief Strategy Officer, Project CETI (Cetacean Translation Initiative)

Fiona shared how she and her team employ machine learning to aid in the translation of whale communication off the island of Dominica.

Jeremy Epstein | Head of Growth, Open Forest Protocol

Jeremy is involved in a project that is overseeing a scalable open platform that enables forest projects of all sizes across the globe to Measure, Report, and Verify (MRV) their reforestation data using blockchain technology.

Watch the webinar recording here

Virtual Visual Notes

Get a feel for the event through this visual recording, illustrated live during the session.

To find out more about the Digital Disruption and the Future of Conservation project, visit our Resource Library, which offers wisdom and insights from experts in the sector together with pathways and tools for change.

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