Practical Strategies for Conservationists

As part of this session, we delved deep into the insights gained from our team's two-year exploration of digital technologies. We examined the incredible opportunities, potential risks, and the vast array of possibilities that await conservationists in this rapidly evolving digital age.

Key questions addressed during the session included:

  • How can disruptive digital tools impact inclusivity, and what strategies can we employ to minimise potential risks within our conservation efforts?
  • What mindset and cultural shifts are essential to accelerate the assimilation and effective utilisation of transformative innovations in conservation?
  • How can conservation organisations assess their position and take concrete steps to operationalise a digital strategy in the swiftly developing digital landscape?

Featured Innovators

Sasha Sebright | Project Manager (Consultant), Unearthodox

Sasha is passionate about holistically exploring the systemic impacts of Web 3.0 and AI on and for conservation.

Gal Zanir | Digital Innovation (Consultant), Unearthodox, Land Conservation Manager for TiME

Gal, a Wildlife Biologist and Conservation Innovator, is the lead author of the Digital Disruption for Conservation Toolkit.

Uta Muktamarianti | Research and Event Support (Consultant), Unearthodox

Uta is actively researching Web 3.0 and inclusivity, with a keen interest in digital communities for conservation.

Jorn Dallinga | Programme Manager, WWF Netherlands. 

At WWF-NL Jorn's Focus is on spatial data, spatial analysis, big data, citizen science and  working with technical partners to explore solutions for conservation using machine learning.

Alice Kershaw | Head of Digital Transformation, The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. 

Alice specialises in creating a digital culture and enabling digital transformation that benefits all users. She is leading the ‘root and branch digital transformation’ elements of RSWTs 2030 strategy.

Watch the webinar recording here

Virtual Visual Notes

Get a feel for the event through this visual recording, illustrated live during the session.

To find out more about the Digital Disruption and the Future of Conservation project, visit our Resource Library, which offers wisdom and insights from experts in the sector together with pathways and tools for change.

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