14 October 2022




Here, we look at the world a little differently. Where others see impossible nature challenges, we see solutions waiting to be uncovered. Through innovation, collaboration and co-creation we bring together diverse perspectives and ideas for nature and people to thrive together.





Unearthodox exists to address the deep-rooted causes of seemingly impossible nature challenges.We know the relationship between people and the planet must improve now. And innovation has the power to spark real change for good. We have seen it work. It requires different communities and organisations joining together to reimagine and co-create a regenerative future.
Who we are

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What we believe

Together we can co-create 
meaningful change.
We believe a collaborative and inclusive search for diverse and equitable pathways towards change will lead to new futures with regenerative societies. By applying methods from systems and futures thinking, and bringing together a diverse mix of people to co-create, we can better understand the root causes of long-standing nature conservation challenges. Together, we will then be able to unearth potential solutions that enable people and nature to flourish.

Socio-environmental innovation could be a level playing field.
Equity, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the regeneration of nature. Entrenched power structures are already being challenged and reformed across many areas of society.
A diverse mix of social and environmental actors working together can effectively co-define what is needed to regenerate nature, leading to wider buy-in and collective uptake of new ideas, alternative models and changed behaviours.
There is abundant energy, talent and curiosity to rethink pathways to societal change.
Passionate people around the world are already working on crucial nature–society challenges, but many socio-environmental innovators are disconnected from each other and lack the supporting space and resources to imagine inspiring new futures together. Until now, much conservation work has been siloed from other sectors, but with funding, space and support, these innovators can grow their ideas.

Reflection and reframing can lead to more effective ideas.
Deep reflection and reframing can help socio-environmental innovators to position their efforts beyond short-term changes and quick fixes, to long-term social shifts. Together, we can recognise and give the energy to expanding mindsets beyond ‘crisis understanding’. With trust, diverse groups are able to explore commonalities and differences, finding untapped potential in new systems and ideas, as well as refreshing existing ones.
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