Resource Library for the Future of Conservation

This resource library is a curated collection of dialogues, insights, ideas and experiences that we gathered over two years while working with individuals and organisations to question conventions and challenge the status quo within nature conservation.

This work was done as part of The Future of Conservation NGOs, our umbrella project (2021–2023) that aimed to reimagine and redesign the future of conservation work and test (new) models better equipped to help build a more inclusive, just and regenerative future. This project sought to drive innovation and support solutions that proactively address the deep-rooted issues facing conservation NGOs.

Of the many trends identified during the initial days of the project, two unearthed additional projects. The need to reimagine investments and philanthropy as a driving force of systems change led to the launch of The Future of Philanthropy for Biodiversity project (2022–2023). Simultaneously, the need to more effectively embrace new digital technologies, such as AI and Web 3.0, led to the Digital Disruption and Future of Conservation project (2022–2023).

This resource library consolidates materials from all three projects.

We invite you to use this collection freely and encourage you to question your assumptions, to find inspiration and to explore the many diverse viewpoints contained within. We hope it serves as a gateway to broadening horizons, sparking innovative ideas and gaining insights from a variety of perspectives. Join us as we endeavour to disrupt the conventional norms in conservation and pave the way towards a future that is not only sustainable but actively regenerates nature.

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