Regenerative Futures

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Aspiration: to spark a shift towards a society that values and actively regenerates nature, embracing the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Call for creative entries: Voices of Regeneration

The 'Voices of Regeneration' call for creative entries dares you to dream of a more just, equitable and inclusive world where nature, including people, thrives together. With our open call, we invite you to join us in creating a regenerative tapestry that embraces multiple, diverse worldviews that look beyond sustainability towards regeneration.

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We will explore what “regeneration” means, examine its inherent limitations, investigate to what extent it can address some of the limitations of past framings, such as sustainability and assess its potential to lead us towards a society that values and actively regenerates nature. 

Whose voices, values, and perspectives should be included in shaping the framings underpinning the regeneration concept? How can we ensure that these framings incorporate diverse perspectives on justice, empowerment, race, inclusivity, self-determination, and decolonisation?

We are already working with a set of diverse stakeholders to identify pathways to put regeneration into practice and ultimately create deep transformative change. 

Our objective is to provide adequate tools so that regeneration is not just a buzzword but informs practical pathways towards more vibrant, just and hopeful futures.

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